Wednesday, January 22, 2014


           This artist Tamara de Lempicka born in Poland 1898
had quite a wild and exciting life for a lady of her time. Her art is collected by Madonna, Jack Nicholson and others.  Madonna has lent her art pieces and they can even be glimpsed in some of her videos. The artist claimed to be bi-sexual.  The painting above titled 'Spring' is one of my favorites and inspired the poem I share here.  You can read more about this artist here

                                     WOMAN TO WOMAN

                You come to me across the room 
                Not out of passion but something stronger 
                like the old tom cat at four a.m
                who crawls on my chest for comfort
                and from that howl and unable to breath
                I open one eye to meet his cat eye
                round like a saucer
                fling him at the moon
                to crash that old wicker chair you salvaged
                from Gables Market 
                instantly sorry
                see him sulk through the corners to darkness  

                Now here you are
                whimpering urgent hard against my hip
                as a lovers erection
                you like some shadow of childhood
                shiver through your thin cotton gown
                I teeter on the edge of sleep wondering
                what is it about the night that makes us too
                loose our claws
                and being proud
                of never making the same mistake twice
                I curl in behind you mouth to your hair
                caress your back woman to woman
                whisper that tomorrow being Sunday                
                I'll help you plant your roses

                       poem by annie



  1. This is absolutely beautiful Annie. Sensual and true to life and the heart. I love it!!!

    1. Thank you Carrie for your comment. I am trying to make my way through some of your beautiful writing