HELLO!   and welcome to my blog.  It's a simple personal blog about the things I like -   art,  animals,  poetry,  humor,  hobby farming.   If your expecting a lot of high fashion or decorating it's best you move on.   Some days I don't even get the floor swept.   I can't blog every day.   I have a life you know!   I still work part time,  lots of chores to do on the farm,  animals to look after,  and oh yes....I have a paraplegic husband that needs a lot of T.L.C. too.   Life's a bitch some days, but you know about that.   I do a little art now and then, mostly watercolor.   It keeps me sane.   I'll show you when I paint,  and if you like it you can have it.   Not free of course.   Nothings free.   But for the price of a salt lick and a couple of bags of grain......

             I also like to write and I find I have a 'writing'  voice but I also have a true voice.   You know, that one in your head that you don't always use with your mother-in law,  or the minister,  or that bitchy waitress that just spilled coffee on your best Thrift Store outfit.  It's the voice you use with real friends and I'm going to try that out here too.

           I like comments and questions and if you'd like to hang around I would like to meet you and ...oh..... what the hell... I might even give away a little sketch now and then.   I respond to e-mails too.                                   
                                   See ya later         ANNIE 


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