Thursday, March 21, 2013



               This is a watercolor ( 33x42cm ) inspired by the experience I had with dog sledding a while back.

               The noisy energy of the dogs waiting to run amazed me.  They were bouncing and barking and jumping straight up until the command was given and they were released to do what they love to do.

               And then the magic happens.  That feeling of freedom.  Of just being whisked over the ground for the pure pleasure of movement through a country winterscape

               I loved the feeling of their energy and also the bright sunlight that was hitting the dogs and that is what I wanted to capture in the painting.

               The owner said they're names were Frost and Hazel but I've changed it to Frost and Snow because it just seems to suit. 

               Thanks to Snowpak Kennels of Truro N.S.  

               I've decided not to whine about my art and all the things I would change if I could paint it over.  Every piece I complete will be a journey and a learning experience and that's what it's all about.        Annie

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