Thursday, March 21, 2013


                      I live in Canada eh?  Although maybe not as abundant as 'in the good ol days' it is still possible to be snowed in up over your ass anywhere from November to April.  (See previous post)

               There are those who love winter and those who tolerate it.

               The ones who tolerate it calm their frozen fingers by such activities as thumbing through the spring seed catalogs while sipping a hot rum toddy.  The ones who love it have more choice.

                They can hand over a few hundred dollars and strap pieces of metal to their feet and travel down hill about 80 kms hr hoping that crazy kid with the Peppy the Penguin toque will make it out of the way in time.

               There is skating, and snowshoeing, and of course hockey.  Even as a spectator you can make time fly by bundling up in a rink and shouting profanities at the opposing team, and spending half your paycheck at the canteen.

               You can go on a sleigh ride because that white perfection in the winter woods really does exist.  Better not to sit up front though.  Nothing worse then a big horse fart to ruin a pure frosty country breath.

               You can try dog sledding and hope that one of the lead dogs doesn't spy a wild rabbit or have " to go" which could cause a pileup similar to the New York freeway. 

               There is so much fun to be had in a Canadian winter.  

               Some people say they hate winter, but the truth is it's hard to hate.  It has a purity and a cleansing feeling .  That feeling of nesting and renewal, and it's a reminder that things can change.  That your life can go from hot to cold in a flash.  They say that people who live in temperate seasonal climates are less depressed because there is always something to look forward to.  And there is.

              I have to go now and put on several layers of clothes and shovel my driveway

             What do you think of winter? 


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