Saturday, September 7, 2013



                 I threw a few squash seeds down over the hill in an area where I had spread some manure a few years earlier.  The squash flourished and spread and to my surprise yielded a good crop.  My squash this year are also 'smarter'.  They are in an area where the goats graze and I guess they got tired of being trampled.   Instead of spreading laterally they went up...  straight up any tree or bush in the area.  I'm proud of them and their ingenuity.
                These are hubbards squash the biggest of the beasts and have been known to grow up to fifty pounds under good conditions.  So I still have some work ahead of me.  I have to get them out of the trees without sustaining a concussion and transport them to a cool dark spot where they can sit and ponder their fate a little longer.  If one falls on my head I will probably end up being a vegetable myself.  Harvest time will be an adventure I'm sure.  A few months along when they have cured I will need a hatchet or a large sharp knife to get through that tough outer shell.  Some people just drop them from the back of their half ton truck to get things started.

              I'm usually bleeding when I'm done this part.

             This all sounds very discouraging I'm sure, but I have a tough outer shell myself  and for such a large vegetable and all the delicious things you can do with it's worth the work.  
             On a chilly winters day I will set down to a steaming bowl of Curried squash soup and my world will be toasty warm again.         SQUASH SOUP...YUM!

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