Tuesday, April 2, 2013


                 With Easter just past I am topped up with chocolate.   Along with coffee it's one of my few addictions, but it reminds me of an 'anniedote' I shared with some friends a while back.

                 I bought a box of chocolates and decided to keep them all for ME.  I sneaked them past hubby and put them upstairs in a drawer for safe keeping.  He likes to pinch and squeeze every single one before he decides and takes one.  He's even been known to bite into one and put it back!  I hate that!  So these ones were mine... alllll  mine.  My favorite is the cherry cordial.  You know, that one where you close your eyes and roll the cherry around slowly in your mouth before you chomp down.

                 Anyway a few days later I went to get a treat.  One of those  'I have to have some chocolate and I have to have it now'  moments.  I was devastated to find a mouse had chewed through the corner of the box.

                 He had devoured only one chocolate.  

                 You guessed it.  



  1. oh no! isn't that just typical lol! You'll have to get yourself a whole box of just cherry cordials and put them in a mouseproof box!

    1. I already have Sharon. Love chocolate! Someone asked me if I finished that other box. No, but you know I considered it.