Tuesday, April 23, 2013


                  My days are so busy I hardly have time to spit.  Some of it is my own fault. This year however I made a resolution, which I don't usually do.  I decided to get back to the things I love.  Back to creativity.

                  A little of this creativity will have to be channeled into this old farmhouse to paint some walls and do a few updates, but I'll enjoy that too if I'm in the mood.  I will spend a little time on this blog, but  what I want  most, is to take more time for art.

                 The painting above is watercolor.  Many of my watercolors are intense and I use a lot of paint.   People tell me they look more like acrylics and I've tried those too but they're not as much fun.  Not for me anyway.  The best part about watercolor is the spontaneous way it flows and the color spreads and mingles.  That's when I turn up the music and hope for the best.

                      The peacock painting is not a wimpy little 5'x7' like I have been doing.  It's 16'x20' on Arches paper.  It's difficult to paint something as beautiful as this exotic bird.  You can paint a dull old brown dog and maybe mix up some color and make him look quite spectacular.  But there are some things you just can't improve on.  Sunsets are like that.  There are florescent paints on the market which might have made this piece more interesting, but my money tree isn't blooming right now, so I used what I had.  This portrait certainly isn't painted 'loosely' but I did get a little flow happening in the birds neck and background.  I'm not throwing stuff away any more no matter how it comes out.  Here it is, my expression of the muse, good or bad.  Someone can start a fire with it after I'm gone if they like.  (Chuckle)

                Do you paint or would  like to learn?   Have any questions?

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  1. I couldn't produce anything artlike if I tried. I used to HATE it when my daughter wanted to do anything crafty as I just have no talent or interest in. Your artwork looks as though it takes a lot of time and patience and I applaud that as I have none...