Saturday, April 6, 2013


 This is a much slimmer and younger version of my dog Murphy.  Like a lot of us he's presently trying to loose some weight and be healthy.  He is however, still curious

I am curious
about the origin of grass and rain
and even fleas
whose sting
inflicted by their quest
disturbs my sleep
of the slithering aspect of snakes
who slyly coil
and make
no sound
as content they dose in midday heat

I am curious
about the secrets in the wood
birth and death
not understood
form that musty smell
of earths decay
and the flirting romp of butterflies
who graceful pause
then shy
they flit
and ignore my eager need to play

poem by annie  
and murphy the golden retriever

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  1. I have a very curious dog as well.His name is Socks. I swear that he needs a blog!